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Art in the City - Brockville Studio Tour 2013
Art in the City

Brockville Studio Tour 2013

"Art in the City" will be a west end walking tour of studios on the weekend of June 22/23, 2013.

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Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Press Release -2013-Feb-25

Free Admission

Stimulate your artistic senses at the 7th annual ART in the City Studio Tour being presented in the heart of Heritage Brockville this summer.

On June 22nd and 23rd , art lovers, tourists and cultural enthusiasts from far and wide are invited to partake in the stunning walking tour through the picturesque home and garden laden streets of downtown Brockville to various displays in art studios and at the Brockville Museum.

The tour features hundreds of breathtaking works of art in a variety of media, technique, colour and form created by local artists who are driven by the awe inspiring ambience of the 1000 Islands region.

Allow the different watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings to capture your heart. Relish the textures and colours of china or glass mosaics and garden art. Admire the product of natural discovery in woodturning and the elaborate designs of traditional, hand woven baskets. Be marvelled by the beauty, intensity and delicate solidity of pottery. Delight in finely crafted quilts and vibrancy of encaustic art. Thrill your soul with vivacious colours and distinctiveness of multimedia and devour intriguing images of photography. Be enchanted by the skill and beauty of goldsmiths and jewellers.

The artists look forward to presenting their art and sharing techniques and art pieces. Admission is free and the art works available for purchasing are reasonably priced.

Brochures with maps are available at the Brockville Museum at 5 Henry Street and other locations yet to be announced.

For further information, please email Dale Chisamore (click link above) or phone at (613) 345-3837.

The Artists

Pam McKinnon Pam Warren McKinnon - Painter

Pam Warren McKinnon, an elected, signature member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour celebrates the subtle play of natural light, whether painting still life, portraits, riverscapes or intimate urban subject matter.

She hopes the viewer will enjoy the transparency and richness of the images she was drawn to paint.

Kitty Kelly Kitty Kelly – Painter

Kitty is a self-taught artist who works in acrylic, oil and watercolour.   Her love of nature and wildlife is reflected through her artwork which can be found in Canada, United States, Europe and Australia.  She is a member of BAS - Brockville Artists' Studio; TIFAA - Thousand Islands Fine Arts Assoc. as well as Art in the City.

Every Angle Photography Every Angle Photography
Sandra Bloxham Harvey Loyst Carriage House & Atelier – Glass Mosaics/Garden Art
Workshop of Sandra & Harvey

Creations include glass mosaics, hypertufa planters, garden art & wood'n'things.

Come sit on the deck and enjoy the gardens.

Anna Krak Kepka Anna Krak-Kepka - Painter

... I intend to show how my work is rooted in observation and life experiences but also expand to include memories, dreams, and fantasies. My intention is to explore ways in which happiness is chosen by developing the capacity to be fully present in each moment and appreciate the beauty of everyday life. Artwork which I create can be very personal both to the artist as well as to the viewer. I do not attempt to convey literal translations or comments but allow for their viewer to arrive at his or her own meaning for the work. The viewer may connect with my work emotionally rather than through conscious effort...

Anna was born and grew up in Poland. Since her early years she was introduced to the artistic heritage of other countries, which instilled in her an interest in and love for arts. Initially Anna studied at the Faculty of Interior Design and Faculty of Painting. As the place of her artistic development she had chosen Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland, famous for its charming artistic and intellectual atmosphere. After Anna received Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, she continued her artistic education in Rome, Italy. She also completed studies in Pedagogic Profile and Computer Graphic Design at University of Toronto.

Her art is a biographical exploration of her life. Extensive travel to Europe, Africa, Mexico and USA are among the bedrock influences in her artistic life. Anna Krak-Kepka is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. Her works can be found in Arts Galleries, Private Art Collections and Publics Places in Canada, USA, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Holland.

Belia Brandow Belia Brandow – Painter

Living in Mallorytown Ontario, a small rural community along the St. Lawrence River residing in an 1825 “Old Stone House”; inspiration is all around me. The changing seasons in my country garden, vignettes of treasured antique items and family heirlooms passed down through generations, family pets, the rural country side, the rugged rocks and the outlines of unique trees along the River never cease to provide inspiration.

I generally paint on canvas in either acrylic or oil and love the richness of colour and the feeling of depth that can be achieved with either medium.   I prefer working from life using a photo only for reference.

I plan my composition starting with a rough thumbnail sketch which is then drawn on the canvas. I then do an under painting putting in the shapes, lights, mid tones and darks.  Adjustments to the composition are made at this point before I begin to add local colour.  I avoid static compositions by using line, colour, design and light to move the viewer’s eye through the painting.  I prefer to work in layers using a glazing technique by applying many thin layers of paint to capture depth yet maintain vibrancy.

A graduate of the Saint Lawrence College Fine Arts certificate program, I am currently working on completion of the Fine Arts Diploma.  I am a member of the Thousand Islands Fine Arts Association and the St. Lawrence College Arts program Alumni.  My paintings have been sold to collectors in the area and across Ontario.

Christel Klocke Christel-Elvira Klocke – Goldsmith

Christel-Elvira Klocke is a Master Gold and Silversmith, Gemmologist and Designer.

Christel was born and educated in Berlin, Germany. She graduated as a Master Gold and Silversmith in June,1964 in Berlin.

She immigrated to Canada in 1966 and joined George-Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto in 1968.

Her commitment to Jewellery, design and gemmology was always very strong.  She has designed and fabricated numerous pieces of her original work, which has been shown Nationally and Internationally, many of them have received Awards for design and craftsmanship. She has created works for public and private collections. 

Moving from Toronto to Brockville, her work was exhibited at several Studio Tours in the 1000 Island Area . 

Her work may be seen by appointment.

Corrinne Hodgson Corinne Hodgson – Painter/Encaustic

“I aspire to share my interpretation of the world, at times abstract or sometimes realistic.  A life long inner need to express myself via artistic creations, has led me to experiment with different mediums.”

Living in the heart of a forest, the prospects for inspiration abound.  Corinne, a member of the Thousand Islands Fine Art Association and VAGA, is a self-taught artist whose on-going pursuit is to seek the artist within.  Viewing the world through artist’s eyes, Corinne’s inspiration can come from anywhere – form, light, colour and texture. Combinations of some or all of these elements are used to convey an image or a feeling.  

Inspiration takes shape in many forms but primarily as paint on canvas.  Corinne often carries a camera with her, at home and in her travels; taking photographs of the landscape, architecture, people, flowers, animals – anything that appeals – often reinterpreting these captured images into works of art.

Corinne will be one of 26 artists participating in the upcoming return of ‘Art in the City Brockville’ – Tour 2013 which takes place on June 22-23, 2013 at various studio locations in the west end of Brockville.  She will be featuring her recent collection of encaustic works.  ‘Encaustic’ is from the ancient Greek word which means 'to burn in'.  

Encaustic is a process of painting with hot, pigmented beeswax mixed with a small amount of resin to impart hardness; this mixture is then applied to a wood surface and then fixed with an application of heat. The paintings created from this fascinating medium ignite the senses...from the lovely scent emanating from the wax...the textured surfaces inviting touch...the translucent colours which are pleasing to the eye... Each painting has an ethereal quality which is achieved by using many thin layers of wax that attract and refract light which sets them aglow.

Elke Bzdurreck Elke Bzdurreck – Painter and Illustrator

After completing her studies in fine arts in Cologne, Germany, Elke moved to Canada where she has been practicing her art for more than 40 years. Her paintings have been shown internationally and over the years her work has covered a wide range of topics, styles and media. She has painted murals, has done lithography and etching, paints with acrylic on canvas, as well as on paper using watercolour and pen & ink.

Illustrating the book Zoe: A Monkey’s Tale for SIBU and Nosara Wild Life Rescue in Costa Rica has been a pleasant experience.

Her latest series of paintings is the Universe Series entitled: The Universe is in me.

Elske Harris Elske Harris – Mosaic Artist

Elske Harris has always had an affinity for the beautiful things in life.  Discovering in childhood her enthrallment with fine art masterpieces and hand painted dishes, she was instantly an admirer of the art of mosaics.  Her art is deemed as original and stunningly memorable.

Jessica Brady Jessica Brady - Photographer
A collection of the unusual and abstract in the city verses the serenity of the countryside.

Jessica enjoys using her camera to distort the perception of reality with multiple exposures, vibrant abstracts and close-up photography.  She uses both traditional roll film as well as digital media.  Recently, she has been experimenting with layers of images to illustrate the complexity of her environment.  These creations take on a reality of their own, sometimes tranquil and serene and at other times hectic by the blur of many movements.

Gwyn Marriott Gwyn Marriott – Basket Maker

Basket weaving is a fascinating hobby for me for 20 years.  I thoroughly enjoy the design process, either from an artifact or a picture, or just an idea in my head. Figuring out how to duplicate a basket is quite a process. Baskets that are practical are my focus. 

Linda BradyLinda Brady
Lou Charton Lou Charton – Painter

Lou has worked in a professional capacity as a commercial artist in Montreal, for many years.  She gained invaluable experience by organizing art workshops in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, with top North American artists, and has taught landscape and portrait painting at St. Lawrence College, Brockville, Ontario.  She has also taught workshops in other locations in Canada and the U.S.A.

Lou is a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (C.S.P.W.C), the Thousand Island Fine Arts Association (T.I.F.A.A.), and a Fellow of the Ottawa Watercolour Society (O.W.S.).

Lou’s paintings and portrait commissions hang in private and corporate collections through Canada, U.S.A. and Europe.

Lance Besharah Lance Besharah – Woodturner

Turning with wood is a continuous process of discovery.  Every time I see a tree or a piece of wood, I find myself trying to envision the shape or style of turning that would fully enhance the natural beauty of that particular piece of wood.  On some occasions, this process can be immediate.  Particular pieces command a specific resolution, while with others; this process is much longer and more contemplative.

While I continue to explore all manner of turning, I constantly strive to create beautiful “forms”.  I draw much of my inspiration from “classic shapes” regardless of their medium.

Wood turning for me is a marriage of two senses – the visual and the tactile.  It is the union of the two that makes wood turning such an appealing craft.  It is only by holding and touching the pieces that a person can fully appreciate the totality of this art.  This interaction completes the cycle for which I receive the final fulfillment of my craft.

Krista Cameron Krista Cameron – Potter

Brock University classical studies degree; St. Lawrence College ceramics diploma. Krista’s been showing in Eastern Ontario since 2000.  She sells at the Green Gecko in Lyndhurst and Casual Living in Brockville year-round. Krista teaches pottery at her Charleston studio and in Brockville at Hilltop Studio.

Pram Arbo Kerr Pram Arbo Kerr - Painter

Pram was born in Canada and studied painting in Venezuela.  On her return to Montreal, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir George Williams University (Concordia University).  She also studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, at l’École des arts appliqués in Montreal, at the Saidye Bronfman Centre, and attended workshops in the U.S. and Canada.

Exhibitions include:
  • El centre de las bellas Artes, Caracas
  • Place Ville Marie, Montreal
  • Arts Morin Heights
  • Le Vieux Presbytère de St. Bruno
  • Metropolitan Life Building, Ottawa
  • Westmount Library
  • Arts Westmount, Westmount
  • The Arts Club, Montreal
Group Shows Include:
  • The Brockville Artist Studio and Gallery, Brockville & Prescott
  • The Agnes Etherington Gallery, Kingston
  • The Thousand Islands Fine Arts Association
  • The Jeckyll Island Arts Association
  • The Brockville Arts Centre Group Show
Sheila Goertzen Sheila Goertzen - Painter

There is a never ending supply of subjects to capture on canvas. I enjoy every moment spent in my painting room.  With soft music playing and a paint brush in my hand, the time passes much too quickly.  My life as a artist has been enhanced by joining various painting organizations. My artist supplies are always close at hand even when I venture south for the winter. With painting in my life, I am never bored. Since I began my new journey as an artist I view the world in a totally new light. Everywhere I look, there are challenges and rewards. I appreciate the wonderful people including fellow artist's that I have met and who have helped and supported me along the way.


I was born and raised in Mallorytown and now reside in Brockville, Ontario. Until my retirement in 2001 I had very little time to pick up a brush and pursue painting as a vocation.


Since my retirement I have received instruction from varous artists including Henry Vyfinkel, Joanne Purdy, Diane Sheridan Goodwin Sheridan,Marg Grothier and an Arizona artist Nancy Petterson. Each instructor has an independent way of painting and some use different mediums.

Preferred Medium

I work in oil, acrylic and recently watercolours. Sometimes I experiment in pen and ink with the addition of rouging or watercolours. I now only use artist quality paints, canvas and waterpaper.

Preferred Subjects

I love painting horses from photographs I have taken. I am beginning to have success in selling commissioned works of horses and dogs. It is my love of animals that makes painting them so enjoyable. My camera goes where I go in the hopes of capturing a subject that I can paint. I also enjoy painting landscapes and old building such as the Armstrong house and barn. I was fortunate to take photographs of these buildings before they were demolished. 


I am a member of the Brockville Artist Group and TIFAA (Thousand Islands Fine Art Association).

Wendy Crawford Wendy Crawford – Painter

My approach to my acrylic paintings comes from a passion for simple and stark beauty.  I take a dreamlike vision from my minds eye and bring it to life on canvas.  

Marike Harris Marike Harris – Painter

Always having a love for all things academic and magical, Marike Harris grew up in Montreal and discovered a passion for literature, mathematics and art.  With a B.A. degree in Physical Geography from McGill University and two young children, she found herself in Brockville, Ontario inspired by the colours of the Thousand Islands and realism and surrealism inspired artists such as Robert Bateman, Heather Cooper and Salvador Dali.

Jennifer Sine Jennifer Sine - Mosaic Artist

The use of various tesserae such as shells, mirror, beads, glass and ceramic surround vibrantly painted tile to create unique mosaic works.

Aleatha Aiken-Sherrer – Jeweller/PainterAleatha Aiken-Sherrer – Jeweller/Painter

I've been lucky to live in Brockville since before I could walk, and have been creating for as long as I can remember. I've always been drawing and painting, and for years I've been making one of a kind beaded jewelry from copper and silver wire. I'm a hairstylist by day and have been selling and displaying my work at the salon, Artistic Hair Gallery, since 2009. From crayons to canvas and macaroni necklaces to intricate wirework, it’s been a lifetime of evolving, creatively.

Linda Potter - Quilter and Fabric ArtistLinda Potter - Quilter and Fabric Artist

Fabulous one of a kind creations evolve from a passion for playing with colourful fabrics and combining them in original ways.  Amazing quilts, wall hangings, table runners, tea cozies, bags of all sizes, collaged cards and angels and much more!  Unique fabric art with beautiful embellishments, created with meticulous detail.

Heather Savage – Mixed MediaHeather Savage – Mixed Media

Heather Savage is:

Heather earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (with distinction) in 2006, and her Bachelor of Education: Artist in the Community Education in 2007, from Queen’s University, Kingston, ON. Through various types of media, her work explores the concept of “home”: as a physical construction, and as a construction of ideas. In addition to producing her own work, Heather enjoys curating shows, and teaching art. She is currently teaching children’s drawing and painting courses from her home-studio in Brockville, ON.

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